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Reflections on the 2018 Jersey Elections

The objective of the flow.je 2018 Elections coverage was to improve the findability of information relating to the participating candidates.

In order to provide context to the current elections, the results of previous elections were researched and collated from online sources together with links to the candidate's campaign material and manifestos (where available). This data set forms the foundation of the flow.je Jersey Elections Archive and provides insight into voter participation and the past election performance of the candidates.

With dedicated pages for each candidate providing links to campaign and States Assembly resources - in which keywords have been emphasised for Search Engine Optimisation - flow.je webpages featured prominently in Google search results in the run up to polling day.

Promotion on local political groups on Facebook attracted further users, with over 2,000 people estimated to have accessed flow.je in the 60 days between the launch of the website and the General Elections on the 16th May 2018.

Website Statistics : 17th March – 17th May 2018

Google search impressions for flow.je
Graph showing the number of times per day a link to flow.je appeared in Google search results.

Google Analytics overview of flow.je
Statistics from Google Analytics of flow.je users who had Do Not Track disabled.

Elections Observations

Of the 91 candidates who stood for election in 2018:

Of the 61 candidates for Deputy:

Considerations for 2022

Thanks Everyone!

flow.je would like to thank all the candidates for their participation in the 2018 General Elections along with all our visitors who have made this project a worthwhile endeavour :)