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States of Alderney Cannabis Debate

On the 13th June 2018, the States of Alderney conducted a debate without resolution on the subject of cannabis.

The discussion was broadcast by Quay FM and focused on three issues:

  1. The cultivation of 'THC-free' varieties of cannabis for medicinal purposes.
  2. Reducing the penalties for cannabis possession.
  3. Decriminalisation of small amounts of cannabis for personal use.

For further information, see the States of Alderney Billet d'Etat, 13th June 2018

In summary, the debate was 50/50 between the progressive and conservative members of the Assembly, with passionate arguments waged by both sides.

Listen to the debate (13/06/18):

Source: Quay FM

Listen to a discussion of the debate on BBC Radio Jersey (14/06/18):

Source: BBC Radio Jersey