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States Assembly Second Year Review

In the second year of the States of Jersey Assembly since the elections on the 16th May 2018, there have been 25 sittings of the Assembly held over 36 days.

231 votes have been held, of which 184 (80%) were adopted by the Assembly. 96 votes (42%) received no opposition.

Of the 49 States Members, 21 Members hold Ministerial positions and 21 Members hold Scrutiny positions.


137 propositions have been submitted to the States Greffe during the second year of the new Assembly, 19 of which were withdrawn. There are 10 propositions awaiting debate in upcoming sittings of the Assembly.

12 States Members have lodged a proposition in their own name (outside of the remit of their Ministerial or panel position), of which 5 are new Members.

Propositions brought to the Assembly
Name# Active# Withdrawn
Louise Doublet11
Sarah Ferguson S11
Inna Gardiner S*22
Carolyn Labey M01
Russell Labey30
Jeremy Maçon M10
Kirsten Morel S*40
Jess Perchard S*20
Karen Shenton-Stone S*10
Geoff Southern41
Montfort Tadier M24
Rob Ward S*40

M = Holds Ministerial position
S = Holds Scrutiny position
* = New Member


15 Members have brought an amendment to another Member's proposition in their own name, including 2 that hold Ministerial positions and 6 new Members.

Amendments brought to the Assembly
Name# Amendments
Carina Alves S*2
Simon Crowcroft3
Louise Doublet S3
Inna Gardiner S*3
Mike Higgins S1
Rowland Huelin S*1
Russell Labey1
John Le Bailly S1
Steve Luce1
Jeremy Maçon M2
Sam Mézec M2
Kirsten Morel S*8
Kevin Pamplin S*1
Geoff Southern M6
Rob Ward S*4

M = Holds Ministerial position
S = Holds Scrutiny position
* = New Member


There have been 262 oral questions and 505 written questions asked by States Members in the second year of the new Assembly.

Generally, Members holding Ministerial positions do not ask questions of their fellow Ministers. However in the past year, 5 Members holding Ministerial positions have asked questions in the Assembly.

21 Members have not asked a question in the Assembly during the second year. Of those not asking questions, 5 Members do not hold a Ministerial position.

Questions asked in the Assembly
Name# Oral# WrittenTotal
Stephen Ahier S*111122
Carina Alves S*114455
Lindsay Ash M*112
Richard Buchanan M*123
Simon Crowcroft549
Louise Doublet S8917
Lyndon Farnham M000
Sarah Ferguson S246
Inna Gardiner S*141428
Ian Gorst M000
Gregory Guida M*000
Mike Higgins S225476
Rowland Huelin S*235
Mike Jackson S279
David Johnson S202
Carolyn Labey M000
Russell Labey101
John Le Bailly S000
John Le Fondré M000
Mary Le Hegarat S*82129
John Le Maistre S112
Philip Le Sueur000
Kevin Lewis M000
Steve Luce000
Jeremy Maçon M61319
Judy Martin M000
Deidre Mezbourian325
Sam Mézec M202
Kristina Moore S6915
Kirsten Morel S*273259
Len Norman M000
Steven Pallett M000
Kevin Pamplin S*2876104
Jess Perchard S*122234
Susie Pinel M000
Trevor Pointon S*01919
Hugh Raymond M*000
Sadie Rennard S000
Richard Renouf M000
Karen Shenton-Stone S*122133
Geoff Southern M314778
Montfort Tadier M91625
Christopher Taylor M000
Graham Truscott527
Tracey Vallois M000
Richard Vibert S*000
Rob Ward S*257095
Scott Wickenden M000
John Young M000

M = Holds Ministerial position
S = Holds Scrutiny position
* = New Member


On average, States Members each participated in 86.5% of votes in the Assembly, by voting pour, contre or abstaining.

There has been 100% attendance of all States Members for only 1 vote (P.53/2020), while the lowest participation for a vote was 30 Members (P.122/2018). Over the past year, there has been an average of 42 Members present for voting on a proposition.

14 Members were en defaut at the time of voting, meaning that they were not present for the vote and did not have a vaild reason:

Members En Defaut
Name% Votes En Defaut
Lyndon Farnham M0.9%
Mike Higgins S0.9%
Carolyn Labey M3.9%
Steve Luce3.5%
Jeremy Maçon M2.2%
Deidre Mezbourian4.8%
Steven Pallett M0.9%
Jess Perchard S*3%
Trevor Pointon S*0.9%
Hugh Raymond M*0.9%
Sadie Rennard S1.7%
Montfort Tadier M1.3%
Christopher Taylor M0.9%
Scott Wickenden M1.3%

* = Holds Ministerial position
S = Holds Scrutiny position
* = New Member

The majority of Members did not vote on a proposition in the Assembly at some point during the year, being registered as not present for the vote:

Members Not Present
Name% Votes Not Present
Stephen Ahier S*0%
Carina Alves S*5.6%
Lindsay Ash M*0.4%
Richard Buchanan M*4.3%
Simon Crowcroft24.2%
Louise Doublet S14.3%
Lyndon Farnham M11.7%
Sarah Ferguson S25.5%
Inna Gardiner S*4.3%
Ian Gorst M45%
Gregory Guida M*3.5%
Mike Higgins S24.7%
Rowland Huelin S2.6%
Mike Jackson S11.3%
David Johnson S14.3%
Carolyn Labey M18.2%
Russell Labey6.5%
John Le Bailly S18.2%
John Le Fondré M24.2%
Mary Le Hegarat S*22.5%
John Le Maistre S23.4%
Philip Le Sueur16.5%
Kevin Lewis M3%
Steve Luce13.8%
Jeremy Maçon M3.9%
Judy Martin M24.7%
Deidre Mezbourian25.5%
Sam Mézec M7.4%
Kristina Moore S11.3%
Kirsten Morel S*9.1%
Len Norman M15.2%
Steven Pallett M20.8%
Kevin Pamplin S*4.8%
Jess Perchard S*13.4%
Susie Pinel M9.5%
Trevor Pointon S*7.4%
Hugh Raymond M*5.6%
Sadie Rennard S10%
Richard Renouf M6.1%
Karen Shenton-Stone *12.5%
Geoff Southern20%
Montfort Tadier M13.9%
Christopher Taylor M15.2%
Graham Truscott6.5%
Tracey Vallois M25.1%
Richard Vibert S*11.3%
Rob Ward S*7.8%
Scott Wickenden M25.5%
John Young M12.5%

M = Holds Ministerial position
S = Holds Scrutiny position
* = New Member