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The Evolution of the States Assembly

A timeline of the composition of the States of Jersey over the centuries.

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13th Century

Formalised by The Constitutions of King John, Jurats were elected by the King's Officials as a lifetime appointment.

16th Century

From the 16th century, the Jurats were accompanied by the Island's Rectors and Constables in the States Assembly.


Deputies were added to the States Assembly in 1856, with 3 for St Helier and 1 for each of the other parishes.


In order to improve representation for the Parish of St Helier, 3 Deputies were added in 1907.


Following the Occupation, the States of Jersey was reformed - increasing the number of Deputies, removing the Rectors, and replacing the Jurats with Senators.


In 1973, the number of Deputies was increased to 29 with the addition of a third Deputy for St Brelade.


In 2011, the number of Senators was reduced to 8.


In 2022, the role of Senator was discontinued and the number of Deputies was increased by 8, along with the introduction of 9 electoral districts.