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Options for Reform of the States Assembly

Recipes for improving representation and voter equity in Jersey.

In the tables below, the variance is the percentage difference from the average representation, while the proportion is the district representation relative to the islandwide average.

Revised edition of a previous article published 27/05/19. Updated 05/06/19.

Current Assembly

Read The Evolution of the States Assembly for context.


ParishC & DVarianceProportion
St Brelade411%0.90
St Clement329%0.78
St Helier1128%0.78
St John2-39%1.64
St Lawrence3-24%1.32
St Martin2-21%1.27
St Mary2-63%2.72
St Ouen2-14%1.16
St Peter25%0.96
St Saviour6-5%1.05

Add Deputies

Improve voter equity by the addition of Deputies to the most under-represented Districts:

Suggested representation:

ParishC & DVarianceProportion
St Brelade5-1%1.01
St Clement48%0.92
St Helier1413%0.89
St John2-32%1.46
St Lawrence3-15%1.18
St Martin2-12%1.13
St Mary2-59%2.43
St Ouen2-4%1.04
St Peter217%0.85
St Saviour66%0.94

Balance Parishes

Further improvement of voter equity suggested in Add Deputies can be achieved by removing the Constables and electing Deputies in their place (except St Mary), while maintaining existing constituency boundaries:

Suggested representation:

St Brelade5-3%1.03
St Clement46%0.94
St Helier1410%0.91
St John2-33%1.49
St Lawrence3-17%1.20
St Martin2-14%1.16
St Mary1-20%1.24
St Ouen2-6%1.06
St Peter215%0.87
St Saviour64%0.96


P.46/2019 proposes the implementation of similarly populated constituencies, combining Parishes into larger districts where necessary:

Suggested representation:

St Brelade5-1%1.01
St Clement5-13%1.15
St Helier #15-6%1.06
St Helier #2513%0.88
St Helier #3/457%0.93
St Saviour66%0.94


By reducing the number of Deputies in St Helier #1, St Clement and the Eastern District as proposed in P.46/2019, overall voter equity can be improved further still:

Suggested representation:

St Brelade5-7%1.08
St Clement41%0.99
St Helier #1410%0.91
St Helier #256%0.95
St Helier #3/450%1.00
St Saviour6-2%1.02

Single-seat constituencies

An alternative approach to achieving voter equity would be to define a number of equally populated constituencies across the Island, which would each elect 1 Deputy to the Assembly:

Suggested representation:

Islandwide mandates

Finally, we have the option of removing the Constables and Deputies from the States Assembly and increasing the number of Senators so that each States Member represents the entire Island population:

Suggested representation:

What about the Senators?

For any of the above options for reform (other than Islandwide mandates) it is feasible to maintain the role of Senators, but their inclusion conflicts with the desire for a simpler and more accessible system.

What about the Constables?

The implementation of reform that removes the Constables from the States Assembly need not diminish the Office and may provide opportunities for greater democracy at Parish level through devolved powers, improvements to public engagement and increased cooperation with Deputies.